It’s a little over half way through January, and if you’re like me, a good chunk of your resolutions have gone by the wayside.

Let’s  just start over (January 1st is just a date, not a mandate), and get your personal style on track with a couple basic resolutions that you can thank me for later.


Resolution No. 37:

If I haven’t already, I will find a good tailor. And I will listen to him.

I may just say this every Manly Monday: it’s very possibly more about how your clothes are tailored than what you choose to buy.
An ill-fitting $3000 suit still looks silly. I have guys ask me all the time where to find a tailor or just whine that they can never find stuff that fits them well. I refer them to my tailor & have a sneaking suspicion that most of them don’t ever get around to it. DO IT already!
Once you have a collared shirt that fits like it was made for you, you’ll wonder how you ever wore the slouchy stuff off the rack.
This is my tailor Erik, wearing a suit & shirt he altered.
He truly loves his craft & is a perfectionist with every garment he touches.
As Erik is now in SF, a local Sacramento tailor that comes highly recommended is:


Resolution No. 52:

I will dispose of any clothing I haven’t worn in two years,
and everything that straight up doesn’t fit me.

If it was left behind by a roommate, an unwanted gift from a pushy female in your life, or is falling apart at the seams: get rid of it.
If it’s trendy and in good shape, but just not your personal style, consider consigning it. Store credit or cash are a nice way to start out on wardrobe changes.
Article Consignment  and Freestyle .

Both have great guy’s sections with everything sorted by size & type. Worst case scenario: you buy some cool new stuff, but they don’t take any of your old stuff.

There are great charity-funding thrift stores all over Sacramento. DONATE.


Resolution No. 70:

I will find a suit that fits me well by shopping smart.

As much as you DO need a good tailor in your life, you can alleviate a lot of your high-end fitting woes by simply knowing how to buy a suit that fits you well from the get-go.  In the meantime, pull out the untailored suits you already have & see Resolution #37. Please don’t wear them out again until you do.


Resolution No. 22:

I will experiment with accessories I’ve never tried.

So maybe you’ve never been a hat kinda guy. That’s ok. What about wearing a tie when you’re not wearing a suit? It might be  time to branch out a little on accessories.
Up you style points: Accessorize by adding a long scarf, or a skinny tie, a cool new belt, a bright colored pocket square or a thick leather watch band. Not sure how to do that?
For starters, check out our Hat Post, then swing
by these
local shops for men’s accessories
Article Consignment: high end consignment – great shoes, hats and ties for men. They also carry beloved local brand Pretty Handsome that we’ve featured before.
GoodStock Boutique: the latest, on-trend accessories – hats, watches, jewelry, and they ALSO carry Pretty Handsome.
Getta Clue : street wear, tees, urban clothing & shoes.
Thunderhorse Vintage : for authentic 70’s-90’s vintage


Resolution No. 86:

I will not fall for cheap haircuts, Walmart-brand ANYTHING, or other false bargains.

My Walmart soapbox aside, many of you are under the unfortunate understanding that going to a stylist over a barber makes you unmanly.  Truth is – there’s a marked difference in how refined you look, and how much style you have when you have an actual stylist in charge of your look versus someone who just graduated beauty school wielding a trimmer with only 3 different length combs to choose from. If you’re wanting to have an actual sense of style about you, SuperCuts is not your friend.
Whether it’s something tame or abstract – it’s all about quality over economy. You will pay more at a stylist. Get over it. When you’re paying $7 for a haircut – you get exactly what you pay for. But don’t go to just any stylist – just cause someone’s good at cutting hair doesn’t mean they’re great at styling GUY hair. Someone I know IS great at guy hair & helping you figure out a good style for you is Ali at Deeda. Or really, any of the incredible stylists at Deeda. Call them & try something new, or get your usual cut, just done way better.
. . . . .
For those of you who wrote in with questions this week – hope this helped!
Let me know if there’s something specific you’d like to have us cover here on Juniper James – we’d love to oblige.

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9 thoughts on “RESOLUTE – 5 WAYS TO STEP IT UP.

  1. I particularly love resolution No. 86 (aside from my obvious attraction to No. 37:)
    “Sometimes, you need to spend more to buy less”
    Thats what we say.

  2. #22 is spot on for me. Last year I ventured into the hat realm beyond a ball cap and love it. This year the accessory of choice is a scarf. Like with the newsie hats, I avoided it for so long out of fear I couldn’t “pull off the look” wearing a scarf. Fear is gone and I’m warmer too. Easy win.

    • I love when you wear your cap – very stylish. Keep pushing your style and don’t be afraid to try new things! Thanks for the feedback. Be sure to send links to any of the Manly Monday posts to guys you think could use a nudge in the right direction. :)

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