featured local: PRETTY HANDSOME

THE gentleman BASICS:

We’re pleased to let you know that there’s an adorable company here in Sacramento that is adding a dash of dapper to stylish men all over the world, as well as here in our capitol city.

WHO: Skylar Mundy & Jairus Tonel
WHAT: Handmade lapel flowers for men
WHERE: Sacramento
WHY: Equipping men to be gentlemen
HOW: Buy your own at: YouArePrettyHandsome.com

While everyone has their own opinions on what makes a man sexy, here at JJ, we’re convinced that dressing like a gentleman is way closer to the top of the list than pop culture gives it credit for. We’ll take a guy who looks and acts like a gentleman over washboard abs any day (check out our Men’s Style Board). All of the above AND he makes you laugh… watch out.

Pretty Handsome is the suave throwback lovechild of former JJ intern/fashion maven Skylar Mundy, and her oh-so-stylish main squeeze Jairus Tonel. These two honestly look like they stepped off the Mad Men set every day. It only makes sense that they would raise the bar when it comes to accessible personalized style.

Take a look at Pretty Handsome, and TRY to resist. Pretty sure you can’t.

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  • Each piece is 100% handmade by Skylar & Jairus
  • Often vintage or recycled fabrics & buttons
  • Each piece comes personalized with a name and a story about it (they’re so quirky!)
  • As a brand, P.H. perpetuates gentlemanly behavior & culture
  • Their customers are addicted, and love to show off their pieces
  • PH lapel flowers are now available in Sacramento at Article Consignment & Goodstock Boutique

Show them some love on Instagram : @youareprettyhandsome

or Twitter: @ohPrettyPretty

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