At Juniper James, things we like: 

  • fashion.
  • using it to help others.
  • recycling materials.
  • the lovely locals.

Our local shop sponsor Good Stock Boutique has a dose of all of the above in stock
right now, which pretty much just reinforces how much we love  them.

WILL bags: handcrafted, many from “found” materials,
recycled into awesome sturdy bags, made in Oregon.
[ check out all the bag styles in stock at Good Stock]


Our monthly shoot of Good Stock goods has Will Bags, Signorelli tee’s
and a super comfy dress we think you’ll love…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SIGNORELLI committed to inspiring humanitarian purchases, whether it’s by using organic fabrics, designing graphic art that promotes peace and awareness, or collaborating with non-profits.  Signorelli manufactures everything in the USA.

Every Signorelli tee donates back to one of eight charitable causes:
[Each cause activity engages the youth to inspire change within
their communities thru the Signorelli Movement Foundation. ]

  • Computers for Africa,
  • Organic gardens for Public schools,
  • Inspire the Arts,
  • Educate America,
  • Cause for Paws,
  • Awareness for Breast Cancer,
  • Wildlife Adoption Program or
  • Giving the shirt off our back.


For all your hot warm weather gear – Good Stock has new goodies for
guys and girls all the time. Check them out in the Downtown Plaza!

[ Our shoot today was styled & shot by JJ Intern Connor Morgan. ]

Have an amazing weekend!! K and the JJ Crew

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