At Juniper James, we do EVENTS. Maybe you’ve heard.

We met Tyler & Christina (with M Portraits Photography) a long time ago at an Art Auction event for KVIE, and then again at Sac Fashion Week. They took a shot of Kari & Connor and when it hit the web, we were amazed at how great it looked and asked them to cover our ARTBIKE Party. So excited that they agreed.

When we got the pictures back, we were amazed. They look great, period.
But considering they shot at Hot Italian with the challenging light – we’re so impressed.

In addition to GREAT shots, working with Tyler & Christina:

  • they are super friendly & easygoing
  • you  have 2 people who are both talented, and used to working together.
  • they put your event attendees at ease.
  • multiple shots of everything ensures good  pics of important guests.
  • accommodating to event planner and shots needed.
  • final pictures sent over in a timely fashion & concise format.

And as much as we love doing events and seeing everyone there…. Social media-ly speaking: if an event is great, well attended and there are no pictures, did it really happen? If there are pictures, and they’re not good ones, it’s almost worse.

Fashion thrives on photos, as do events. And sure, you can throw a rock and hit a “photographer”, but when it comes to great images of something that’s important to you, good pictures are paramount.

We are so happy to have found Tyler & Christina
and highly recommend them to capture your special event.

Check out our ARTBIKE Event page to see the pics from our event,
and visit M Portraits Photography on FB.


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