Cyclelogical Gear : “Bicycle commuter gear & ideas.”

We told you all about the awesome men’s shoes Cyclelogical is launching
in our Manly Monday Cycleing edition, but they have great clothes as well,
for men and women (and you don’t have to have a hankering for spandex to rock it!).

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The cut, the fabric, the super cute drawings & slogans, and the eco-friendliness of it all
– very Juno, don’tcha think? We’ll take one of each, please!
Check out their site & shop the goods.
So. It’s cute, and eco-friendly. So what? Isn’t that enough? Well, for us at Juniper James, those things are definitely important, but when it comes down to it, fashion is most relevant when it is used as a creative vehicle to propel others forward in the world (Fashion. Forward.). Cyclelogical Gear does that, and we applaud them.

 A bike can change a life in a poor country. Yet for millions of people on the lowest incomes, a new bicycle is financially out of reach.

Cyclelogical is supporting Bicycles for Humanity through
contributing $10 for every bike heart t-shirt and  D-lite  sold.
Visit their Giving Back page for more info.


Take a deep breath, and for one full minute, be truly grateful for the things you have.
Seriously. Do it. Think about how you can make a difference with those things,
in what you’re already doing, in the lives of the people you interact with every day.
Then think about how you could make a HUGE change.
<3 K for JJ.

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