It’s never been a secret. We’ve made it our business to support and promote local shops here in Sacramento for almost 3 years now (April 27th, JJ turns three!), and moving forward as a company, we’re looking to partner with our local loves to further promote them.

In looking at “advertising” there was no way we were going to have random google ads on our page – we are commited in all ways to supporting local, so it only makes sense to advertise for a company/shop that we have already clearly supported in the past (at least 8 features on our site), because we feel they’re worth supporting.

Goodstock has had a lot of transitions in the past year,
with moving locations, and fully embracing women’s apparel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And let’s just say, as the girl who has drooled over their gorgeous stuff for a year,
and now gets to pick out and proudly wear it around town, I’m pretty stoked on their women’s lines.

Look to the right & click on our Goodstock button to visit their FB.
Let them know you saw them here on Juniper James!


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