Welcome to the Team!

Hey Guys, this is Loressa and Connor,
we’re the new interns here at Juniper James!

We are so stoked to be a part of something so wonderful, and be immersed into the life of Juniper James. With a little elbow grease, a lot of dedication, and more than our fair share of silliness, we are ready to help Kari continue to build and create something amazing.

So, why us?

Of all the candidates, we’d like to think we had the shiniest personalities (see pic above), but we also have a lot of skill and passion to bring to the table.

Connor- Getting to know Loressa, you’d never guess she grew up in the Mountains and relocated to the city of trees. She’s a natural city girl, loves Sacramento, and is more than happy to call this place home.

Loressa  Connor is a Sacramento native with a quirky midtown sense of style and a penchant for Thai food.

Connor Like me, Loressa is a total fashion junkie who loves and supports local (shocker, she wanted to be a part of Juniper James…). Not shying away from bold color combinations, from her outfit today, you can tell she obviously has no issues expressing herself through her wardrobe.

Loressa As soon as I met Connor, I instantly felt at ease. He has a great personality, which was only enhanced when I heard he wore bright pink socks and a red plaid button-down to his interview. Guess neither of us have issues when it comes to self-expression.

Connor- As a fashion enthusiast and blogger herself, Loressa loves networking and meeting new people. She’s a great multi-tasker and works well juggling several projects at once…which is an absolute necessity around here – our first couple days have been non-stop!

Loressa- In addition to his obvious fondness for fashion, Connor is passionate about art, and has graced many galleries in Sacramento with his work. Along with being the only does of testosterone in the JJ crew, he can’t wait to share his honed thrifting skills (he thinks every guy should know how to secondhand shop while still looking sharp). Keep an eye out for his thrifting-related posts and how-to’s.

Connor- Loressa’s closet is exploding with vintage and local-found frocks, so you know she’ll be prepared for whatever Juniper James related events come her way this next season. Trust me, looking fabulous is second nature for her.

Loressa- Unlike most guys’ closets, the majority of Connor’s wardrobe is thrifted, with a dash of  bright socks, vintage oxfords and a textured cardigan he’ll never part with.  When you’re the only guy in an estrogen-filled environment, you gotta hold your own… I think he’ll do just fine.

That’s a little about us – we can’t wait to meet you!
We’ll be weighing in a lot here on the site, at events and on the JJ FB,
so make sure you come by and say hi!


The new and improved JJ team!

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