We had our event last night, and I have to say THANK YOU – It was a huge success!

Thank you to HOT ITALIAN for hosting us,
our vendors for bringing their awesomeness,
and all of you for attending!

We intentionally planned it on a Tuesday, knowing everyone’s weekends in December were probably spoken for a month ago, and the crowds delivered! The show of support for (and from!) the locals was overwhelming. The place was PACKED for most of the night – people shopping, eating, drinking and getting to know each other.

{thanks to Justin from Good Stock Boutique for snapping this shot of the crowd!}

Everyone enjoyed the variety of products to shop, and how wonderful all the vendors are to chat with. And I have to say, each vendor was hand-picked, as someone I personally respect, and want to further their business. I’m so happy that translated into such a positive environment at the event. We were feelin’ the love.


Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to be drastically revamping our site and part of that process is vendor & shop pages. Each one of our vendors last night (as well as a ton of other local lovelies) will soon have their very own Juniper James Page! On the vendor pages,  you can not only get pertinent shopping info & get connected to their stuff, but also get to know the people behind the magic.

Pictures of the product/shop are important, but to us, so is knowing who the owner is, and why they love what they do.

We feel that a vital part of creating community is making business personal. There’s something special about walking into a shop, being able to shake the owner’s hand, and know they’ll send you an email when they get something in they think you’d like. Building relationships in the community is important. We’ve got some amazing people doing business in our little city, and we can’t wait to introduce them to you!

We talk about a lot of shops here, but we want to make it official & easy to digest.
We’re going to be featuring a shop every week as we add their shop page to the site.


Is there a shop, a site, someone who makes awesome handmade
fashion-related things that you think we should have on our site?
Send us an email and we’ll get in touch!

{ juniperjamessacramento@gmail.com }


With Christmas coming up FAST, we encourage you to
shop & support local/independent vendors.

XO the girls.

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