When your kid has to sell wrapping paper for school, no one really wants to buy it. They buy it cause it’s for a good cause, or they like you. Or you’re their boss.

Every once in awhile, there’s a chance to buy something that helps someone out AND it’s actually something you want & can be proud to own. NAKATE.

We don’t just tell you we like it, and think you should have their jewelry. We actually really do wear it & love it ourselves. Use our code “JUNIPERANDNAKATE” to get 25% off your Nakate purchase, either online or in store (see below for shop locations). Here’s our Nakate lovin’ look:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In Sacramento, Nakate jewelry is proudly carried
Article Consignment & Cuff’s Urban Apparel

If you would like to carry Nakate jewelry in your shop,
please contact Shanley Knox at shanley@nakateproject.com

With Christmas coming, consider make a purchase that makes a difference.

{XO : the girls.}

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