A SAD DAY can be a chance for changing things.

I heard the news. And watched as it went in waves across Facebook. Then didn’t hear another word about it. I think a lot of people in Sacramento have somewhat of a passive reaction to it at this point. It wouldn’t be the first casualty…

When we say that we love & support LOCAL,
there’s a good reason for it.

This past week, we said goodbye to yet another locally owned
independent shop, smack in the middle of Midtown.

For the people who frequent Newsbeat, it leaves few options in Midtown for all the magazines, local, national & international news publications and niche periodicals they’ve come to expect to be in stock there.

One frustrated customer I interviewed lamented the now scarce monthly magazine collections. “They carried Vogue from all over the world. Italian Vogue is SO hard to find anywhere else. And I don’t want to go online and read it. I want to walk in a shop in my neighborhood, thank the owner for carrying a hard-to-find magazine and get some local coffee while I read it.”

On Yelp: “Who says print is dead? This place is awesome and always bringing in new periodicals. Urban Farming? Eco pet care? Seriously, whatever your niche is, there’s surely a magazine covering your interest.One really cool feature is that you can request newspapers and they’ll call you when they come in.”

One more local independent business gone. Can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard Midtown residents talking about ‘who will be the next victim’, or a specific location that seems to have a high turn over rate.

And to be fair, as we mentioned in an earlier post on a similar topic, a few of the businesses that have ceased to exist, did so for good reasons. They may have had horrible customer service, bad business plan, a poor location/over-saturation of their business type, or maybe were just that: too niche for Sacramento to support it.

BUT. Newsbeat was a great shop that will be missed. Here’s hoping a chain store doesn’t go in in it’s place in the MARRS building.

In a time of economic instability, it’s never been scarier to own a small business. As we see them drop like flies around us, again I reiterate – if you CARE about local & independently owned, SHOP THERE!! Make an intentional choice to choose local for your produce, your coffee, your magazines.

. . . . . . . . .

As we lament one more gone, it’s refreshing to be able to
celebrate businesses that are making strides in the right direction.

After a couple moves, Goodstock Boutique is now settled into a GREAT new spot – and trust me, it’s worth checking out. Owner Justin is a veteran of the clothing & boutique industry, with his name also on Getta Clue, and previously, the Ikon Boutique. Well connected & respected in town, Justin knows what his customers love, and stocks some really great brands. This is a great move for them as a shop.

Here at Juniper James, we were already big fans of Goodstock. We made sure they represented at LAUNCH this past summer,

and have definitely featured them before here on the site. But now, we couldn’t be happier for them in their new space, with inventory revamped & ready to go for holiday shopping.

We went Wednesday when they opened & are giving you a peek at the new digs. If you see something you like, call & tell them to hold it for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, get down to Downtown Plaza, check out the new shop,
the sweet men’s AND women’s gear and say hi to Justin for us!


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