Today is a sad day for me, as my family laid to rest our beloved Grandpa. He lived a long and loving life, and I’m a very blessed girl to have had such a wonderful man in my life.

I’ve never been one to wear all black to these kind of things… Partially because I feel like there should be some aspect of celebrating the person’s life, and partially because I’m just not an all-black wearing kinda girl.

So. The compromise: still classy & respectful, with a dash of colorful pattern and some killer heels.

  • Bold Brown Beads: $2.99 {Thrift Town}
  • Floral Skirt: $0.99 {Goodwill}
  • Dark Red Heels: $2.99 {Thrift Town}
  • Perfect Black Long Sleeve Tee: $1.99 { Thrift Town}
  • Patterned Legs: $2.99 {Target}
  • Grey Tie/Belt: $0.25 {thrifted}

{ TOTAL: $12.20 }

As proud as I am of a great outfit for under $13.00, I’m probably the most proud of the skirt. When I bought it, it was three times my size around, and floor length. With my lovely new sewing machine, I brought it down to my size and a length I was happier with. My fancy “sewing” trick: using my hair straightener to make the hem straight and flat before adding the simple stitch to the bottom to hold it all in place.

Well, I’m off for more family time before the out of towners head out.
Hope this finds you all well.

XO Kari

4 thoughts on “MEMORIAL

  1. My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved Grandpa. I am glad you have eachother take comfort in. Give your grandma a big kiss from us.

    You look stunning- I love the necklace and the pumps- so delicious. Even while somber. Love ya, girlie.

  2. when my father passed away i wore a bright blue floral patterned dress. he would have HATED it if i wore all black! you look great and for some awesome prices! way to thrift. also, this is a great place for people to find an ‘alternative’ look for a service for someone. it can be tricky putting together an outfit.

  3. Loved the skirt & the prices… I also could not have come in all black, I think Grampa is pleased with us both for that, way to bring the color! :)

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