Besides all being things we love here at Juniper James, what do they have in common?

Connor pretty much brings it together for us.

He is a local student and artist in the Granite Bay area who found his niche pursueing art at a relatively young age. Watching his artistic talent bloom and get other’s attention for about 6 years now has been pretty exciting. A number of galleries across Sacramento and Granite Bay/Roseville have welcomed his art on their walls for art events. Since we are all about supporting local, and using your gifts to help the world around you, we just couldn’t keep Connor to ourselves.

Influenced by deep religious experiences and pivotal childhood trials, Connor evokes a somewhat paradoxical sense of calm and daring resolve while exploring the world of religious belief and struggle in his art. He recently returned from a months-long trip to Thailand where he delved more into understanding Buddhism and further broadened his perspective on world religion. 

Back stateside, Connor wants to make sure he’s not only getting his name out there as an artist, but that he’s giving back and using his talents to help others. While gearing up for a possible permenant move to back to Thailand, Connor has been involved in a number of TOMS events, as a guest artist to personalize any new pair you buy.


Connor recently participated in a TOMS painting event at GOODSTOCK, which, if you remember, is one of our featured shops for LAUNCH!  We are obviously not only a fan & supporter of the TOMS movement, but also of the many local independent shops here in Sacramento that sell them.

So Connor + Shops + TOMS = too much goodness!

For a better look at GOODSTOCK, here’s a little video we put together —

Make sure you get your tickets to Launch, and check out GOODSTOCK!


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