THIS WEEK’S Daily Fashion Inspiration


Whether bold and beautiful,

or soft & sweet, just about anyone can make polka dots their own.

. . . . .

We put out the word, and what do you know – Sacramento girls know how to rock the dots.
It’s not just our gorgeous local Fashion Bloggers either… Here’s some of our local favs.

Former Sac love, Hold My Gold is bold. Polka dots, animal print AND leather shorts?! ah.mazing.


No wilting flower, our beloved Citizen Rosebud doesn’t mind a double helping of dotty bliss.

Not to be outdone by their upper halves, chic feet have been spotted as well.
{L-R: Bella of Citizen Rosebud & Ari of Feministified}


We’re always inspired by Olga at White Crow. She has lovely things for sale too…


In case you were wondering, It’s All Happpening right here. With Melody & her adorable dots & boots.


Whatever the weather, with these booties, we say, “Let It Reign!
featured blogger last week, Skylar Mundy keeps it bright & bubbly. Love it!


Lorena Beightler is always “Sac Cycle Chic” –
very fitting that she’s rocking the dots while en route somewhere fabulous on her bicycle.


New Sac Fashion blogger, Loressa Hutchinson writes L on Sac,
and looks glam in her black & white DFI submission. <3


JJ is SUCH a big fan of Marty May. We featured her designs at our event earlier this year and
are so happy to have her here on our site as a part of SACSY.


This dotty contribution is from us at Juniper James:
lovin’ the thigh-high stockings! (fun sexy new heels are great too…)

. . . . . . . .

You don’t have to be a blogger to play with us – don’t be shy –
For next week’s DFI, we’re chasing this season’s hottest color: ORANGE.

The sky’s the limits! Send us pics of shoes, accessories, whole outfits or even your friends (with their permission of course). I know, it’s a tricky one: not everyone can pull off this color, and it can come off harsh or a bit circus-y if you’re not careful. But all the more reason to inspire each other on interesting and awesome ways to wear it! And the color orange doesn’t have to match the fruit – show off any shade of it – the more variation, the better.

Send entries to us at:


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