I heart thrifting. It’s true.

But it’s way more fun when you can go with other people who love it too.

On a recent trip back to Sac, two of my former high school kids hit me up, wanting to hang out ( & go thrifting ). I had a crazy packed trip, but we found a couple hours to squeeze in some time together. Once they got un-lost (partially / all my fault), we had a grande ole time at the Goodwill on Watt & Marconi. Hugs & kisses & off they went to work & their busy college-bound lives.  So nice to have some time to catch up & get some thrift in!

{ Connor & Amanda – I love you two. Don’t grow up too fast.
Seriously – I already feel old. }

{ Amanda – not a thrifter. She passed the time by playing with the ridicules instead of looking for treasures… }

{ Connor: hard-core thrifting fiend.
He saw this same shirt at a boutique for over $30.
Bought it here for under $5. sweet.

{ These awesome green jeans – $5.99. It’s hard to not wear them every day. }

{ Wooly mammoth boots: not sure on the price… no way I bought those. haha. }

{ BUT, I love love love my favorite little grey dress.
Free People
(by way of Thrift Town) : $4.99 }

8 ^)

{ cute. serious. (ly). EVERYONE needs a whale salt shaker. just one. }

{ saying goodbye…  if the cashier can stop talking on the phone to her boyfriend. }

Aaaand we live to thrift another day. Have any thrifting adventures lately??

tell me about it! xo JJ

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