I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment / full store review in my inbox this morning!

 I thought it was worth sharing with all of you. I’ll be going to check it out soon – thanks Heidi for letting us know a sweet Thrift spot in Sacramento!

“If you haven’t checked out Freestyle Clothing Exchange, and it’s sister store next door, Urban Thrift, you are missing out on two of the best thrift/second hand stores in Sacramento!

At Freestyle, they buy, sell, and trade only high quality used items. Freestyle deals with apparel and accessories, and offers designer labels and other trendy pieces at great prices. Though it is not as inexpensive as typical thrift stores, like Thrift Town and Goodwill, you will still find really cute stuff in perfect condition at less than half the price of retail. The store is also very well laid out and easy to navigate, so the slightly higher price is worth the savings in time spent, in my opinion.  

Urban Thrift is a small boutique-like furniture and home decor shop next door to Freestyle, and it’s filled with great shabby chic-type knick knacks and smaller furniture. I’ve taken a few friends there, and they all fell in love with this store instantly! What’s even better is that everything is very affordable…to the point where I always end up walking out with way too much stuff because I couldn’t pass up such a great deal! Check these two out if you haven’t already…I promise you will have new favorites in the ‘clothing’ & ‘home furnishings/decor’ thrifting categories!


Urban Thrift &

Freestyle Clothing Exchange:

6412 Tupelo Dr
Citrus Heights, CA 95621 
 (916) 721-7355‎
Happy thrifting, friends! – JJ

4 thoughts on “THRIFTY FAN MAIL.

  1. My best friend Ashley and her sister Hannah (hannahlenore.com) introduced me to Freestyle and it’s amaaaazing. They not only have a designer section where local sellers sell their pieces but the rest of the store is a way cute thrift shop too. It’s really organized too with racks of each specific size. A lot of my favorite pieces have come from Freestyle. You should go check it out!

  2. Yay, I found your blog- it’s really cute. So have you gone to Freestyle yet? The owner goes to my church and she is so awesome. A few of the girls that work there are interns at church too actually. They do some really great benefit shows and they have a home store they just opened (I about died when I went in… I think I spent 2 hours rummaging through all the cute things!) I’m actually going there tonight when my sister gets off work :)

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